No matter the size or style of your restaurant, Vantage gives you the tools you need to give your guests the best service possible. We put your table plan front and centre, letting you quickly see the status of your dining area, including expected reservations. Improve speed and accuracy by taking orders directly at the customers’ table with our integrated order pads, and eliminate mistakes using our kitchen management displays and kitchen printing system.

Table Management

Vantage sets your table plan as the centerpiece of your EPOS system, so at all times you can instantly see your current occupancy, available capacity, and information about incoming customers who have reservations. Starting a new order or opening an existing order is as simple as touching on the table, with shortcuts for quickly printing kitchen tickets or customer receipts.

There’s a fully integrated diary for reservations, letting you plan days, weeks or even months in advance. You can enter bookings yourself either in person or on the phone with customers, or allow guests to make their own reservations online using our website and mobile apps, freeing up staff time.

Kitchen Communication

Getting your orders to the kitchen as soon as possible is important for customer service. Vantage supports any number of kitchen printers which can be set to print tickets for either the whole order or only certain categories of item. Label printing is also supported, and our printers can sound an audible alert whenever a ticket comes through so nothing gets missed.

Of course, it’s also critical for your kitchen to keep on top of orders and avoid mistakes during periods of high demand. For this Vantage includes built-in support for kitchen displays (touch or non-touch), allowing your staff to clearly see what food needs preparing and how long it has been waiting. When combined with a touch screen staff are able to fully manage their displays, marking items ready as they are completed.

Superb 24-hour Support

In this industry, business doesn’t stop at 5pm, so neither does your support. With Vecsoft Vantage, you always have access to our helpful and knowledgeable support team, 24 hours a day and every day of the year. There’s no cost either – our support is fully included in the system price.

We don’t outsource our support to a generic call centre; every time you contact us you are speaking directly to the software development team which builds and maintains Vantage, so we know are always able to help you quickly and efficiently.

Industry-Leading Customisation

Every business is unique, and that means that no one system setup can be a perfect fit for everyone. We know this, and we’ve built up a reputation for adapting and customising our software for the exact needs of the client. Our EPOS software is built entirely in-house by our expert team of software developers, which enables us to offer an level of customisation unmatched elsewhere.

We always welcome suggestions for new features and improvements, and if your idea improves Vantage for the benefit of everyone, we’ll work with you to implement your idea at no cost!

Card Machine
Card Payments

Fully-integrated support for card payment terminals eliminate mistakes when accepting cards, and speed up transactions.

Safe & Secure

Supporting fine-grained user permissions and logging, you are always in control of everything that happens within your business.

Stock Integration

Tight integration between food orders and stock management, including automatic stock ordering.

Comprehensive Support

Vecsoft are always there to help, including 7 days a week, because we understand the varied requirements of the hospitality sector.

Automatic Store Selection

Road data is used to automatically allocate orders to the most appropriate branches, taking each store's capacity into account.

Extensive Reporting

Visualize your data with a vast selection of built-in reports and graphs, and the ability to create your own custom reports.

Mobile App Ordering

Enable your customers to place order on the go with a customized smartphone app.

Customer Database

Keep a database of your customers, enabling quick lookups during order placement and retrieval of historical information

Website Ordering

Increase your customer base by accepting orders directly from your website.

Powerful Search Features

Find what you're looking for with flexible search and filtering capabilities.

Delivery Driver Facilities

Keep track of your drivers as they deliver to your customers, including detailed reports and statistics.

Powerful Menu System

Our menu system is the most flexible in the industry, allowing advanced customization and pricing, and minimizing kitchen mistakes.

Real-Time Control

Vantage is live. Changes at any location are instantly visible worldwide - everything you see is up to date and accurate.

SMS & Email Marketing

Built-in support for sending SMS and email messages makes it simple to keep in touch with your customers. Send out promotions or build brand loyalty.

Our most popular package for £16 /week includes:

15" Touch Screen System
Thermal Printer
Cash Drawer
Free 24/7 Support

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